Greetings and welcome to the British Witchcraft Society.


We operate as a voluntary self-standing Witchcraft assembly that's inspired by and draws on historical forms of witchcraft and folk magic.


We formed in honour of Elan the Horned Goddess with an aim to act as a support system and resource site for both seeker and groups who wish to find out more about the craft, meet others and get involved in quality practical training in both theory and practice on all subjects and matters related to Witchcraft.

We believe the secrets of witchcraft are here to magically empower us all, creating happiness and friendships with other as well as to teach us about ourselves.









Our focus is to follow the old ways of traditional Witchcraft, practicing and working with the raw powers of the natural world. Here flows knowledge, energy and power.


This is the true spiritual path of discovery, enlightenment and that has been practiced since Neolithic times deeply rooted in shamanism and natural magic.

We can only show you the path, the path of old that leads to continuous discovery about the craft and one’s self. It is ultimately up to you to put these teachings into practice. Witchcraft is a life time journey and we wish you all the best and many bright blessings on your way.


Please feel welcome to get in touch and let us know your thoughts on witchcraft in general or if you have an article you would like to share or simply want to find out more about our training circle.