Dedication Rites


The british Witchcraft Society organise formal dedication rites for member, these are not carried out as rite for individuals such as wiccan initiations but as a group ceremonys to the gods and oaths of loyalty to other members of the clan.









These ceremonys normally consist of a group ritual music, feasts and celebrations of enjoyment and friendship formed to bond and bring us all together in love, peace and harmony through compassion and joy.


Their is no set time or period for when a dedication rite must be performed and members can often find themselves being part of more than one dedication ceremony through out a single year.


We also choose to use this time of celebration to invite and welcome seekers, friends family and other groups, covens or solitarys wishing to learn more about us and our practices.


We are a very open organisation which welcomes everyone regardless of faith or path, we put equility and sharing at the centre of our practice.


We dont entertain small mindedness, egos or have time for group politics.