Guidelines For Those Seeking Witchcraft


Their is no right or wrong way to become a witch just many paths and different ways of learning. 


Sound advice would be to read as many different books as you can on witchcraft and research into different paths. Go along to as many different events, workshops, talks and open circles and make your own choice, see what works for you. Any witch of good standing should tell you the same, its when they say dont go their... stay here you should be worried. 


We believe in following the cycle of nature and becoming like water allowing ourselfs to flow and not stagnate which can result in becoming stuck, this can limit your learning and how you think of other paths and teachings resulting in you and/or your coven or troop closing yourself off from other community's.

We all are one, one family on a path we share.

Be true to oneself and others hold honesty and responsibility in your heart.

Evolve and grow from within, build a strong foundation on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

Acquire the following tools: ritual robe, stang and craft knife

Maintain and keep a notebook or journal for recording your dreams, thoughts and details of your magical work or any important experiences you may have.

Maintain and keep a notebook or journal for nature related work keep a record of types of wood, herbs and the cycle of the year.


What is Wicca? What is Witchcraft?

Study, understand and know how to use at lest one form of divination

Have the ability to ground and open yourself to energy, be able to shield yourself and aid in power raising in Circle.

Understand and participate in journeying, magical and healing work within a group



Trust and honesty as well as self awareness and self discipline are all key elements which must be practiced for you to grow and become a good witch.

You must conscientiously applied yourself, build a strong foundation. Magical work and the dealing with the craft must become part of your everyday life.